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White Russian Weed

White Russian Weed

White Russian Weed For Sale

White Russian



1 ounce (30 grams)     for   $250

1/8 pound(56 grams)   for   $400

1/4 pound(112 grams) for   $600

1/2 pound(224 grams) for   $850

1 pound(448 grams)    for   $1,250


Strain Information

Hybrid - 50% Sativa /50% Indica THC: 19% - 25%

Cultivated by crossing White Widow with AK-47 strains, White Russian weed strain is an F1 hybrid weed strain that is packed with Indica. The strain has a fresh and pleasant appearance with light green colored leaves. White Russian strain has a 56 to 63 days flowering period and gives a yield of approximately 350g/m2 to 500gm/m2. It grows well during middle to late October. It has a strong potency with a 22 percent high THC level. Smoking this strain will make you feel strongly euphoric. You will also feel energized, uplifted, happy and creative after taking this weed strain.

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