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Monolith Cannabis

Monolith Cannabis

Monolith Weed

Strain Information

Indica THC: 24%

Monolith marijuana strain is a 100% pure Afghan indica weed strain popularized in the early 1980’s that is just coming back on an upward swing in popularity among medical marijuana users. This weed strain  packs a deep dank flavor with hints of sweet hash and earth and a super pungent smell that’s both sweet and spicy with a dank overtone that can fill a room with its strong stench. Monolith weed strain has round and super dense medium green nugs that are completely covered in furry amber hairs and coated with tiny clear crystal trichomes. The Monolith weed strain's high is a classic treat, bringing out the best of the favorite indica effects with a smooth long-lasting effect to make the smoker feels good. 

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